Nasheeka Nedsreal is a performer from Louisiana, working across movement, theatre and music. After studying Dance and Fine Arts, she moved to Berlin where she has resided for the last 4 years. In recent years, her work explores identity, female and African diasporic narratives, intimacy, ritual and improvisation. She has performed at Ballhaus Naunynstra├če, Ada Studio, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Dock11, Circus Charivari, Promethean Theatre and with various artists throughout Germany, USA, and India. In 2014, Nasheeka founded Soul Sisters Berlin, a collective dedicated to connecting Black women throughout Germany and Europe. The collective performed their first original piece entitled, ”Mirror Mirror”, which she co-directed. Nedsreal also works as a fashion model, stylist, actress and childhood educator; teaching English, Dance and Theatre, in schools throughout Germany. In 2016, she began teaching a Contemporary Fusion dance class for women of color under the title Black and Brown Bodies in Motion, a phrase coined by Valerie McMillan. In 2017, she joined Berlin-based dance company, Grupo Oito and made her premiere in the performance, ”Unrestricted Contact”.